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individual supply made in our own workshop

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Disabled young man with foot prosthesis walks along the street.

electronic knee-joint

The C-Leg dynamically adapts to a wide variety of everyday situations - from walking down stairs and ramps to moving on uneven surfaces and walking backwards. This success story continues in the C-Leg 4 Plus.

nancy 2

Nancy Hilton - footorthetics / P-Lite

Nancy Hylton dynamic foot orthoses are a new concept that has evolved from inhibitory casts for orthotic care in ICP. They are made of thin flexible polypropylene and are fitted across the ankle, with or without a plantar flexion or dorsiflexion stop, as required.


3D-printed-Orthetics for kids

For children with infantile cerebral palsy and similar conditions, an AFO (ankle-foot orthosis) is an amazing help in improving their mobility and control.


neurological insoles

Neurological insoles are special insoles that specifically stimulate the sensors of body perception in neurological diseases.

spio dynamische_knoechel-fuss-orthese


Postural and movement control are challenged by SPIO® orthotic systems in a much more physiological way than by conventional orthotic systems.

meet our consultant maike ulbrich

Our highly qualified orthopaedic technician Maike Ulbrich and her team guarantee individual care with the latest orthopaedic technology.

From the small toe correction orthosis to the MRS thigh shaft, we manufacture everything independently in the workshop.


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